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Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With 10 Minute Yoga Routine.

So, you have been thinking of getting onto the fitness bandwagon but are just not able to take out time for it. Does that describe you?

Believe me, being a mother and in a full time job, I too find myself in this predicament on most weekdays. But being fit is a priority for me, just like it is for you.

So the next best thing to spending hours in the gym, is to follow this simple 10 minute yoga routine. 10 minutes daily is all it takes to move ahead on the road to good health and can be easily squeezed out from our hectic schedules.

So are you ready to know more? Continue reading “Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With 10 Minute Yoga Routine.”

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Suryanamaskar- yoga with immense benefits

As has been rightly said by Indra Devi, a Russian yoga teacher, “Yoga is a way to freedom. By its continuous practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness”. The magical powers of this ancient Hindu form of holistic exercise have been spoken about by several scholars, scientists and doctors alike. Various yoga asanas offer myriad benefits to the practitioner, however a true gem of yoga is the Suryanamaskar or salutation to the Sun God.  I will take you through a few benefits of this awesome exercise in this blog. Please read to understand the power of Suryanamaskar. Continue reading “Suryanamaskar- yoga with immense benefits”

Benefits of jumping rope daily.

We all have jumped rope as a kid and remember the exhilaration it used to bring. Jumping rope is not just fun but also a great form of exercise. As you read on, you will be inspired to find your skipping rope from the attic and start skipping. So read on, get inspired to get fit! 1. Improved Cardiovascular health: Out of the many awesome reasons why skipping is such a favourite exercise among wrestlers among other sportspersons, probably the most important one is that it improves cardiovascular health. Jumping rope makes your heart work a little bit harder and this … Continue reading Benefits of jumping rope daily.