A bridge…. From me to you

There is something in the breeze today,

As there was yesterday and for countless days before that

No matter where I look, one common theme follows

The shape of that big cloud outside my window

The colour of the bright blooms on the Casia tree

The whisper of a breeze picking up speed

A new song, or just an old one I heard the other day

Each thing, each colour, each sound – All bring back memories of you

And where memories are, there are smiles

A warm feel in my heart and sometimes a few tears, too

But tears I have to quickly wipe away

‘Cause Noone must see them… These are my bridge from me to you

My secret path that leads up to you,

My friend up there… In heaven

But fret not, my buddy

Tears don’t mean sorrow always…

They just mean… You visited me again)

They mean… You are missed today too as you were yesterday and the days before that…….

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