Life in the time of lock-down

The pandemic that has affected the world at large has brought life to a stand still or so it appeared at first. Just the mere thought of being at home for weeks on end was a scary proposition. But, what is to be is to be and with this very thought, I embraced this new form of life. After successfully completing 21 days of lockdown and while still retaining my sanity, today, I wish to share what my experience has ben so far…..

Well, the days still began before sunrise, courtesy my dog who demands an early morning stroll.

an early riser

And since the day begins early at home, I found it relatively easier to fit in my daily dose of yoga and meditation. I believe, these practises have helped me remain calm and relatively unruffled in this time of nerve-racking news reports and ever-changing statistics.

Another thing that I realised after a couple of days agonizing over what would happen was that the news was making the situation even more grim. So, I controlled the minutes I spent in front of the telly and taking in news and gruesome images from around the globe. Instead, this time was invested in getting in touch with my near and dear ones as well as some long lost friends. It has been fun communicating with people who matter.

With some time on my hand, (a large chunk, mind you gets occupied by house work and office work, too) I took to learning a new skill. It has been a long term dream to be able to play a few tunes on the keyboard so my son’s keyboard was dutifully dusted and I set upon this new learning. Music relaxes and rejuvenates the soul as I have discovered.

Also, now that the lockdown is being extended (many would say this was expected and I agree) I have decided to do some more and take up a few online courses to upskill. Thankfully, there are a number of platforms such as Udemy, Coursera and even the Harvard university that are offering a plethora of courses for the home bound.

So, even though this period is tough emotionally, physically and spiritually, too, my learning from this phase is that it an be used constructively. Even though we all are worried about the safety of our dear ones, instead of fretting over something beyond our control, I have decided to take things in my hand and do some renovation exercise on myself.

Well enough about me, I would really like to connect with you, my dear reader and learn how you are utilising your time. Till then, ciao! Stay safe, stay positive and stay healthy!!

Do remember to leave your feedback and thoughts in the comment section, below.

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