4 Values you absolutely want your son to have

Son- the word is enough to bring a smile to the face and a twinkle in your eyes as you recall fondly the mischiefs, the cuts on shiny knees followed by the tears and gradually the smile. The nervousness and fear comes too as this little elf grows up into a handsome young boy, as my son is now and he begins to explore the world on his own. And don’t I wish he was still small when I could watch over him and protect him from any heartache that these adventures may bring his way…

Well, that’s not to be and so I have tried to give some values to him. Today as a proud (slightly nervous) mother of a teenager, I am sharing my list of 5 values and I hope your journey is a beautiful one.

Sensitivity and empathy is surely one value that occupies the topmost position. The ability to respect others, more specifically elders and people younger to themselves is just as must in life as the air we breathe.

Strength of character- this is another value that I hold dear. When he sees someone who is weaker being bullied, I would want my son to stand up against the one who is in the wrong and tell him off. The conviction of being right will make him more confident and will guide him to stand up for the right and against what is not. This is definitely what I want my son to value and I am sure most parent would agree strongly.

Respect not just for the elderly and younger people but respect for himself. Each young person and specifically each young man must respect himself. The reason why I am specifying this for young men is that more often than not, they are told to be strong, men don’t cry, etc. They are just not encourged to respect their needs and their emotions. If only little boys were helped to encourage their feelings of fear, anxiety, sorrow we would not have a number of men struggling emotionally and struggling to disguise these into anger and rage.

Fit body and a fit mind will help our boys to live a satisfying life. “Fitness is more than a physical challenge, it is a mental one”- Don’t you all agree. May each morning, bring with it the ability to kick away the sheet, put on the sneakers and head out for a jog, a walk in the greens or even a visit to the gym. Fitness can’t be emphasised enough and each person must be mentally and physically fit for a happy and a healthy life. So yes, I want my son to cherish this one a lot.

Fingers crossed!

We have attempted to impart these values to our son and continue to set a good example (atleast we believe so:)) and God willing he will grow to be a human being who has a good heart- one that is empathetic, respectful; one who is aware of the need to be fit and healthy, too. I just wanted to share my thoughts with my readers…. do share your thoughts on this one. Let us all learn some more from each other. God bless!

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