Ten Reasons You Should Fall In Love With 10 Minute Yoga Routine.

So, you have been thinking of getting onto the fitness bandwagon but are just not able to take out time for it. Does that describe you?

Believe me, being a mother and in a full time job, I too find myself in this predicament on most weekdays. But being fit is a priority for me, just like it is for you.

So the next best thing to spending hours in the gym, is to follow this simple 10 minute yoga routine. 10 minutes daily is all it takes to move ahead on the road to good health and can be easily squeezed out from our hectic schedules.

So are you ready to know more?

But before we get to the 10 minute yoga routine, it is important to know why this is so great. 10 minute yoga routine has 10 immense benefits:

  2. Can be done anywhere
  3. No expensive gym membership needed (yippee)
  4. 10 minutes are easier to take out
  5. Improves stamina
  6. Improves flexibility
  7. Good for the heart
  8. Improves blood circulation
  9. Gives glowing skin and healthy hair
  10. Helps attain a sense of calm 
person doing yoga while looking at silver ipad
10 minute Yoga routine (Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com)

I am so excited to be sharing this with you! So get, set and go….

  1. Trikonasana (Triangle pose)– One of the basic poses, this asana improves flexibility and helps to reduce fat from the midriff area. For beginners, a repetition of 5 rounds is recommended which can be later increased to 15-20 rounds.trikonasana-pose
  2. Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation)- It is a combination of 12 asanas which together provide numerous benefits such as flexibility,  weight loss, relief from lower back pain and stiffness. To begin with one can do 5 rounds and if time permits this can be increased to as many as 108.surya-namaskar-hatha-yoga-sun-salutation-medium
  3. Vajrasana (thunder bolt pose)– This one pose helps to solve all your tummy problems like slow metabolism, bloating, indigestion, etc. To begin with one can sit for a short period of 2 minutes and take it up to as much as half an hour, too.

  4. Shavasana/ corpse pose– To end your ten minute yoga routine, you must practice Shavasana which is a restorative asana and helps to relax the mind and body. Lying flat on your back, with your eyes closed, breathe through your nose and relax. I can almost see your smile as you rest before the humdrum of the day takes over:)

    These four asanas will take only ten minutes of your day but believe me, you will feel refreshed and energised throughout your busy day. This is how the 10 minute routine adds up-

Trikonasana= 2 minutes

Suryanamaskar= 4-5 minutes

Vajrasana= 2 minutes

Shavasana= 2-1 minutes

So go on and start this routine early and reap the benefits of good health! Good health  to you!

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