It’s a beautiful life-Make the most of it!

One day after a visit to the hospital, a thought crossed my mind.

Now this was no ordinary visit, mind you- it was a visit to the ICU ward. An ICU is a scary place to spend time in- the beep beep on monitors attached to so many people (all in some state of trauma), the eerie silence even with so many people around- these things are enough to bog the heart down. And with such a heavy heart, I sat and reflected on one thought- What is the meaning of LIFE?

It is a beautiful life and yet it is fleeting. We all know this and yet we are running around in a mad rush that we call our life!

This hospital visit made me stop and ponder on the meaning of life. It was an eye-opener of sorts and I would like to share my reflections in this blog with all my readers.

Value life– We are in a rush to accomplish our goals and achieve our dreams. Yet sometimes, we just need to hit the pause button. Value life. Pause and ponder- is this how you want to live? Value life! Make each moment count.

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Find the purpose of life– Reflect and introspect on what is the purpose of life. Think, do some soul searching- what is it that you would really want to do if today was your last day on Earth. Would you still spend so much time checking out those messages or still remain on those endless calls from work? Would you not rather stop (or pause) and tell the love of your life how much he/she means to you? Would you rather not go on that excursion to the hills that you have been planning for? Would you rather not spend some quality time with your elderly parents or your young child? Remember, It’s a beautiful life- make the most of it, today!

Give back to life- Think about this one-life has been good to you. If you are reading this blog, you have what it takes- a good life, an education, maybe a satisfying career and a great, supportive circle of friends and family, too. It’s time to repay what life has given you. Do a good deed without any reason, smile at a stranger, buy chocolates for a poor kid, sponsor a child’s education, spend time at an orphanage or an old-age home….. the list is endless. Make your choice and give back to life! Believe me you will be happy you did.

Spend time with your loved ones-  Okay, so I know this one sounds so cliched but I had to put it down here. Your job puts dinner on your table but your family loves you. Make a habit today to spend quality time with your loved ones because they are the ones who are most important- they are the reason why you are working hard. Give it to them, they are the most important ones in your life. Put aside some time each day to just be with them. It will be the best decision you make, believe me!

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These are the thoughts I had as I sat there outside the ICU and I just had to share them with you, my dear readers. I hope these strike a chord in your heart as they did in mine.

I would love to hear from you, so do write in.

Remember, Life is beautiful- make the most of it, today!

Stay happy, take care!

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