Parenting Advice in Quotes

Parenting…. A word that brings a smile to the heart but also a sense of responsibility. It is a big task to raise another human being in a manner that is right as we know it.

If only parenting was as easy as a walk in the garden, we would all be singing in the wind. Alas, that is not the case. So just to help all of us parents who are learning to be the best version of ourselves, I am sharing a few quotes to warm our heart on a weary day. Quotes to inspire!


Isn’t this true- our baby fills up our hearts, our hands and even our hours! Being capable of so much love, we were unaware of our strength till we heard the Doctor say a little one is on the way!!

dirty baby

Children are Nature’s gift to us to nurture for some time before they leave the nest and find their own path. So instead of being critical at all times, we must try to understand them and then if required provide them with consequences. But, all in moderation.


As the little angel grows, so does the occasional conflict at home. It is not that the child wants to disagree with you all the time. It is just a manifestation of their developing confidence and growing self-assurance. For us parents, it is the time to keep our calm and help them understand their feelings and give them the right tools to cope with these.


Very aptly said. Adolescence brings with it, it’s own challenges and the desire in a child to prove that he/she is always right. Arguing is OK and should be permitted to an extent but never at the cost of being disrespectful. Giving right values to a child is the role of a parent and values such as respect, kindness and humility will only help the child when he is on his own in this big world.


Growing up knowing that he is always loved by his parents, makes the child more self assured.


It is said that being a parent is one of the toughest role we will play and yet, we must spend good quality time with our babies as they grow up. Make memories and create special moments in their hearts so that when they look back, they have these to call their own.

Parenting is an art and a science but we all know, it comes with no manual. Trust your inner voice as you impart the right values and give oodles of love to your little bundle of joy. For very soon, this little bundle would be all grown up and independent in this journey called life!

Cheers! Keep writing to me to share your thoughts and feelings.

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