In a world where every one is rushing around in a frenzy, from one task to the next we need time to just be one with oneself, a time to relax and introspect, a time to meditate.

Meditation has immense benefits for the mind, body and soul. With regular practice of meditation, you can reap these benefits and feel refreshed and energized.

Through this short blog, I will discuss simple ways of meditation that any one can do in the comfort of their home.

  • Breathing exercises– To meditate using breathing as a medium to focus, first create a peaceful corner in your home that you will call your own personal space. Whatever you like, surround yourself with- plants, music, incense, a comfortable rug or floor cushion. Sit down, preferably on the ground as it centers all your energy, close your eyes and focus on the way you breath. Breath in, hold the breath in your belly. With your eyes shut, focus on the breath and slowly, breath out. Initially you may find it difficult to focus in the breath with a hundred different thoughts going on in your mind, but with regular practice you will be able to sit for longer periods.
  • Chant a mantra or a sound– This one is a comparatively easier way of meditation as you would be focussing all your energy on a chant. As in the earlier method of meditation, in your personal space, sit down and relax. Close your eyes and chant a mantra or a sound like OM. Chanting can be done in the mind or by actually saying the words aloud. If you feel chanting isn’t your cup of tea, listen to the sound on a music player or even a portable speaker. With eyes closed, continue chanting/listening and feel an ultimate sense of clam invade your mind, body and soul.

  • Imaging peace– Another effective way to meditate is by creating a vision in your mind. Comfortably settled in your own meditation space, close your eyes and imagine a place where you have felt most at peace with your self. It could be a beach for some, a hilltop garden for other while for some one it could even be time spent with a loved one. Whatever it is for you, close your eyes and imagine yourself in that moment. Make sure to observe all details- the feel of the grass under your feet, the warmth of the Sun’s rays falling on your face, the feel of the gentle breeze- make sure you imagine each and every tiny detail. Feel yourself relax.

So go ahead, chose the style that suits you the most and meditate. All the benefits of meditation can be yours for the asking. Once you begin meditation, you will feel at ease with life and be more energised.

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